We are Dr’s Kevin and Debra Cline, owners of ForestCreek Cavaliers, with the cooperation of Vinton and Mary Helen Cline, Kevin’s parents and Cheryl Stough, Kevin’s sister. Our daughters, Rachel and Emily, and Cheryl’s daughter Sarah, participate in junior handling at the CKCS conformation shows. ForestCreek is located in Shreveport, in the NW corner of Louisiana.

Our kennel began with our first cavalier, Lady, in October 2004. We chose the Cavalier breed after much research and consideration. We wanted a gentle and loving companion animal that was good with children. After time spent online, reading, and watching dog shows, we fell in love with the conformation, disposition, and storied traditions of the breed. When we chose our first bitch, we wanted a show-quality one from champion lines that we could show. Eventually, she became our first champion.  As with all good things, this was not enough. Over time, our kennel has grown.

We have been fortunate to have finished Cavaliers Champions in both the AKC, The CKCSC, USA and England.  To date we have finished 26 Cavaliers in the AKC and 8 cavaliers in the CSCSC, USA.  Many of these were home bred.  We have earned many Best in Specialty Show wins and owned some of the top ranked Cavaliers in the United States and England. 

We are particularly proud to co-own Pascavale Phoenix, with his breeders Michael Levy and Mark Sedgwick, in the UK,  who have earned the distinguished honor winning the breed at Crufts in 2011.

Over the years we have formed a special relationship with the Pascavale Cavalier Kennels in the UK.  A great deal of what we know about Cavaliers and the type of cavalier that we breed can be attributed to this exceptional English Kennel.

As physicians, we are dedicated to the health and preservation of the breed. As such, we encourage you to take great care when choosing a breeder. Buy from a breeder who shows their dogs. Conscientious breeders not only strive to produce dogs of excellent conformation, but they health test by veterinary specialists prior to breeding. Owning a Cavalier should be a commitment for the lifespan of the dog, and one that will reap the reward of years of love and companionship.

We support and are members of the Cavalier King Charles spaniel Club, USA and the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, United Kingdom. We participate in the conformation shows of the CKCSC, USA and the AKC.

We have formed deep friendships with friends around the world through our cavaliers. To all of those that have helped immensely along the way, we sincerely thank you, especially Michael Levy and Mark Sedgwick.



Debra Cline

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